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Diagnosis - Data and artificial intelligence

Diagnose your business: meet an experienced algorithmic entrepreneur who already transformed an existing business with data and artificial intelligence. Hundreds of businesses have already been diagnosed, cofinanced and transformed according to our approach, delivering:

  • 360-analysis of your strategic environment and competition regarding data and artificial intelligence
  • Outline one or more value-creation projects including algorithmic change on the key impacted segments of your business
  • An analysis of the appropriate technologies, data and algorithmic experience most appropriate to execute the plan
  • A roadmap regarding tech, recruitment, partnerships and eligible public grants

Success stories of data-algorithmic transformation of SMEs

"Discover how entrepreneurs have set to transform their own businesses with the help of OperationData and Bpifrance French public grants."

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The New Frontiers of Digitalisation

“Models, Data & Algorithms”

How mathematical technology involving modeling, simulation and optimisation reinvent user experience, competitiveness and growth of small and medium companies.

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Your Diagnosis in 3 steps

The key steps of OperationData


Assess the value potential

Diagnose the value creation potential of data & artificial intelligence for your business & rank the options.


Designing the solution

Review the feasibility of the project, design & price its implementation to support strategic decision-making.


De-risking execution

Support the implementation of the project to minimize its implementation risks and achieve its ambition.

An offering geared towards SMEs

Who is concerned ?

Any European-standard small or medium enterprise (SMEs), independant companies with less than 2.000 employees and a turnover exceeding 5 M€, which consider launching a corporate transformation project involving data and/or artificial intelligence. Diagnosis is undertaken with the CEO.

Equipment suppliers

Transform your trade as an equipment supplier into a service operator by changing the business model.

Business services

Automate data collection and processing to provide efficient service at a lower cost.

Consumer products

Use connected objects technology to personalize products and enrich the customer experience.

The Diagnosis in practice

Your questions

What is a data & artificial intelligence Diagnosis?

Data Diagnostics and Artificial Intelligence is a support system for the company manager, which aims to identify the priority areas of value creation through data, models, algorithms, necessary for growth, competitiveness and / or the transformation of the business model of the company, in the form of an operational action plan.

Who Performs the Diagnosis?

The Data Diagnosis and Artificial Intelligence is carried out by Operation Data, a group of entrepreneurs and independent investors, experts in data-algorithmic transformation, as part of a partnership with Bpifrance.

How much does it cost?

5.000 € HT or 10.000 € HT according to the selected option, of which 50% financed by the company and 50% by bpifrance.

How can I apply?

Complete an Online Diagnostic Request Questionnaire, Respond to a qualification interview with a representative of Operation Data, Order Online Diagnosis

Mathematicians, entrepreneurs, investors

The team behind OperationData

Étienne de Rocquigny


Polytechnicien, Professor HDR, 20 years of international experience in the direction of innovation, R & D and entrepreneurship, particularly at EDF, as Vice-President Centrale Paris Research and capital-investor. International Scientific Expert, he is a reference author in math. applied, modeling & decision sciences.

Frédéric Lefebvre-Naré

Senior Advisor

Polytechnician 30 years of experience in data of all kinds (social, technological, economic or environmental), founder of ISEE Data Strategies and Scientific Director of several data-centric startups and expert within international organizations.

Bruno Massiet du Biest

Senior Advisor

Polytechnicien from the Corps des Mines, 35 years of experience in developing innovative projects at France Telecom, SFR (Development Director and member of the Management Committee) and Vivendi (DGA of Vivendi Telecom International), then as founder and Chairman of several start-ups: Scoot (directory on the internet), 118 218 (telephone information) and Plyce (mobile discount coupons).

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